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Past Issue:

FreewareWeb Online!
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FreewareWeb Online! Newsletter
(c) 2000, FreewareWeb. All rights reserved.

Welcome to this issue of 'FreewareWeb Online!'. This update only
contains some of the software that has been added over the past
weeks. You can check out *all* the new additions at:


Please tell your friends, colleagues about us :)

If you would prefer to read this issue using your browser, there
is an HTML version of this issue at:


____ In This Issue __________________________

-> PCDJ Phat v3.8 Build 1096
-> IrfanView v3.15
-> AOL Instant Messenger v3.5 Build 1886
-> Easy Dialer v1.1c
-> Kaufman Binny
-> WS-FTP LE v5.08
-> Time Zone Converter v1.5
-> WazTree II v0.05
-> NoteTab Light v4.81
-> Infoman2 v1.1
-> Quick Links
-> Articles & News

Freeware Folder

-> PCDJ Phat v3.8 Build 1096 - (2.6Mb) - New ~

PCDJ is a dual MP3 player with DJ mixing capability. Dual player
actually plays 2 tracks at once and lets you mix between them with
cross fade and pitch controls. Autoplay instantly fades between
tracks. Additionally, PCDJ automatically organizes all your MP3 files
into a record case and lets you set up subgroups by artist, genre, or
whatever you want. This Phat version features dual video players, a CD
ripper and audio encoder, a digital music organizer, a mini-browser
for music searching and full support for Internet radio broadcasts.

-> IrfanView v3.15 - (437kb) - Update ~

IrfanView is a small but versatile image file viewer. It will view
and convert a multitude of formats, including jpg/jpeg, gif, bmp, dib,
rle, pcx, dcx, png, tiff, tga, ras/sun, ico, cur, ani, avi, wav, mid,
rmi, wmf, emf, pbm, pgm, ppm, iff/lbm, psd, cpt, eps, clp, cam,
mpg/mpeg, mov, lwf, aif, g3 and photo-cd. You can instantly set
graphics as Windows wallpaper or resize them, plus you can use a
variety of viewing options, including rotating, flipping, and zooming.
IrfanView also features a handy preview option, thumbnail option,
drag & drop support, slideshow, fast directory view, batch conversion,
audio CD player, print option, change color depth, scan support,
cut/crop, effects (sharpen, blur, photoshop filter factory etc.),
capturing, and more.

-> AOL Instant Messenger v3.5 Build 1886 - (1.96Mb) - Update ~

AOL Instant Messenger allows you to communicate with anyone on the
Internet or anyone on America Online. It is identical to the Buddy
List and Instant Message features of AOL but you can use this even if
you are not on AOL. Users are able to send and receive messages to
anyone else who has the software, and they are notified when users
that they have put on their "Buddy List" are online. The latest
version includes an enhanced stock ticker and a new feature called AIM
Talk that lets you talk directly using a microphone.

-> Kaufman Binny - (391kb) - New ~

Kaufman Binny is a small, easy to use program with a good interface
that helps you download binaries from newsgroups.

-> WS-FTP LE v5.08 - (691kb) - New ~

WS-FTP LE is a FTP client with a an easy to use interface. It has two
panes, one shows a local system view that displays all drives, local
directories and files, and the other pane displays the directories and
files on the remote system. Allows remote file edits, chmods on UNIX
boxes and file moves. The program can also be used using command-line
arguments. This EXE includes 16-bit and 32-bit versions.

-> WazTree II v0.05 - (1.28Mb) - New ~

WazTree II is a file manager which is a derived from an old DOS
program: 'WazTree'. Besides providing file manger functions, it also
provides: Quick file viewer (any file contents as text) with select
and enter key, Quick view of BMP, ICO, GIF, JPG, WMF, EMF graphic
files with a double click, uick access to DOS prompt (for us old
timers), Quick text file open and edit capability, Quick playing of
WAV and AVI files with double click, Search for files and text
content, Calander / clock, Zip/UnZip integration via program of your
choice, Capture entire screen to a bitmap file, CD player, Explorer
toggle mode from WazTree mode and more.

-> NoteTab Light v4.81 - (1.2Mb) - Update ~

Editor's Pick - NoteTab Light is a popular and excellent text editor.
It has a tabbed interface which provides easy access to all open
documents. Offers many time-saving features, including a "Clipbook"
tool that can be used to paste frequently-used text clips and playback
macros. Can search and replace multi-line criteria across all open
documents, with support for regular expressions. The editor can open
links and preview documents in any web browser. Can read and write
UNIX and Mac files. Other features include support for templates,
AutoCorrect mode, strip HTML tags, text to HTML,
sort/join/split/indent lines, drag-and-drop editing, and much more.
You can also read our In-Depth review.

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That's it for this issue. We hope you enjoyed it, and will pass it
along to a friend. Have a great week, all the best from your friends
at FreewareWeb!

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