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PC WorldPC World is the number one PC publication for PC buyers and users. Every issue is packed with award-winning articles, monthly PC product rankings, news, reviews, multimedia and Internet coverage, how-tos, tips, and more. It's a vital resource for anyone using a PC at work or at home.

PC Computing is a leading magazine for business computer experts. Each issue features problem-solving reviews, special reports on new and emerging technologies, a help section, and more. The magazine also provides the late-breaking news and expert advice that today's professionals need to compute more efficiently and effectively in today's competitive business world.PC Computing
Computer Gaming WorldComputer Gaming World is America's number one magazine for serious computer game players. Every issue is packed with in-depth reviews, winning secrets, sneak previews of the newest games, the latest updates on new technologies, and more to let readers get the most out of every minute they spend playing computer games.

Web Guide is a leading information source for easy access to a wide variety of high-quality Internet sites. Whether you are interested in online shopping, education, or entertainment sites, the magazine is an essential stop on the pathway to the 'Net.Web Guide