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How To Crop Images (Quick Tutorial)

To crop an image simply means to edit it to remove any area of the photo you do not want and keep only the portion you do.

You can use any graphic / image editor but the basic procedure remains the same. If you are in need of a an image editor, you can find a number of free editors in our Graphics Tools: Editors & Generators category.

- Select the area you want to keep, you can do this using the box select tool.

- Check the Edit menu and select 'Crop'. This will remove the portion you have not selected and only keep what you have, now save this new reduced image and you're done! If you do not have this option, select 'Copy' instead. Now, click File then New, this will create a new blank photo. Simply paste what you have previously copied into this new image by clicking Edit and Paste. Now save this image and you have your cropped image.

- Below is a quick video tutorial if you prefer a video demonstration instead, using Adobe Photoshop:

Finally, now if you want to share you image or post it on a forum or website, you will need an image host. For a recommendation of free image hosts with minimum ads, view our Free Image Hosting article.

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