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Free Image Hosting For MySpace Or Auctions

A free image host lets you upload one or more images and gives you code to link these images from your MySpace page, blog, auctions or web page.

The host we recommend for sharing images on our site has minimal ads, is typically much faster than other ones we compared to and has no restrictions:

Multiple Image Upload @ Image Upper - Rating: 5/5

This free one click image host does not require registration, plus unlimited hosting period, no bandwidth limits and no content restrictions. What this means is your file is never be deleted so you can avoid the frustration of good links turning bad as with other services.

This is the best out of the lot we tested in terms of speed, options, minimal ads and ease of use so give it a try. Although it doesn't require registration as we said, we recommend registering so you can keep track, get links anytime and delete your photos if you want.

Bonus points for automatic gallery creation with all your images on one page, in addition to the usual thumbnail linking code for forums and blogs, and the multi-select upload option. All in all a solid image host. Doesn't hurt that it's also absolutely pop-up free.

If you're looking for a solid paid option instead, get started by using this HostGator 1 cent coupon.

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