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 McAfee Stinger v12.2.0.183 
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Homepage: Is Available
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Category: Antivirus, Spyware
Our Rating: Freeware: 5/5
Description: McAfee Stinger is a great stand-alone utility from McAfee that you can use to detect and remove specific viruses. It is not a substitute for full anti-virus protection, but rather a tool to use when trying to clean or detect an infected system for some of the most common viruses. It uses a unique scan engine technology, including process scanning, digitally signed DAT files, and scan performance optimizations. It detects and cleans the following viruses and their variants, including varions W32 worms: BackDoor-AQJ, BackDoor-CFB, Backdoor-CHR, BackDoor-JZ,, Bat/Mumu, Exploit-DcomRpc, IPCScan, IRC/Flood.ap, IRC/, IRC/, Korgo, Lovgate, Netsky.ah, NTServiceLoader, PWS-Narod, PWS-Sincom.dll, Anig, Bagle@MM, Blaster, (Lovsan), Bugbear@MM, Deborm.gen, Doomjuice, Dumaru, Elkern.cav, Fizzer.gen@MM, FunLove, Klez, Korgo, Lirva, Lovgate, Mimail, MoFei, Mumu.b, MyDoom, Mydoom.s@MM, Nachi, Netsky, Nimda, Pate, Polybot, Sasser, Sdbot.gen, SirCam@MM, Sober, Sobig, SQLSlammer, Swen@MM, Yaha@MM, Zafi, Zindos. This version adds W32/Autorun variants. This link is for the 32-bit version. The 64-bit can be found on the homepage.

Download Now: [18.5Mb]


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