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Latest Technology News:

One-third of online teens bullied, study finds
Nearly a third of online teens say they have been harassed on the Internet, with girls and participants of social-networking sites more likely to be targets, a study finds.

Window on the world
Don't bother to pack your bags. Skip the queues at the airport. Forget security and immigration checks. Even leave your passport behind. Sound like a perfect holiday? Just log on to a virtual vacation, whether it be lazing on a beach, a ski trip or climbing archaeological ruins. Or all three -- in the same hour.

Google wants U.S. help fighting censorship
Once relatively indifferent to government affairs, Google Inc. is seeking help inside the Beltway to fight the rise of Web censorship worldwide.

France bans ministers' BlackBerries
BlackBerry handheld computers, or "Le BlackBerry" as they are known here, have been called addictive, invasive, tiresome for thumbs -- and, now, a threat to French secrets.

Protect privacy with VPN
Get your online privacy back! Whether you are searching, downloading, watching, working, checking email or browsing forums, did your know your online activities are always being tracked?! PROTECT YOURSELF with full money back guarantee with PIA! This award winning VPN provider encrypts your activities and doesn't keep ANY logs - EVER! Click here to get it at a special price!

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