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 Mouse Move v1.01 
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Homepage: Not Available
Screen Shot: Is Available
Category: Keyboard, Macros
Our Rating: Freeware: 4/5
Description: Mouse Move is a hidden computer prank that can move the users mouse cursor to random positions on the screen. Imagine trying to send an email and your mouse cursor kept on moving to the left and up. With the command line option of 'setup' you can configure a variety of options for Mouse Move within one easy to use interface. You can specify the interval between each move, amount of space to move the cursor and in which direction. By default Mouse Move starts hidden, with no user interface. Pass the word "setup" on the command line when running it to display the setup user interface. To close Mouse Move, move your mouse to the top left corner of your screen. This will close the program. This free version of Mouse Move doesn't let you save your configuration, and displays a short splash screen. Note: You will get a virus warning for this download because it is technically a virus since it can control your system.

Download Now: [266kb]


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