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Freeware Archive: Angel Torrents News:

Read the latest stories, news about the show on our partner site TV! We've linked to the page for the shows, check out the homepage for other stories, it's updated EVERYDAY! They plan on a newsletter that is coming soon but only if there are enough subscribers so if you'd like to subscribe do it now. The show deserves a strong community and hopefully you can create one!

And don't forget to check out the rest of FreewareWeb especially our FREE newsletter, the other categories including great downloads such as desktop wallpapers and our Angel Wallpaper!

Season 4 Episode List - (22 Episodes):
1. Deep Down
2. Ground State
3. The House Always Wins
4. Slouching Toward Bethlehem
5. Supersymmetry
6. Spin the Bottle
7. Rain Of Fire (Apocalypse, Nowish)
8. Habeas Corpses
9. Long Day's Journey
10. Awakening
11. Soulless
12. Calvary
13. Salvage
14. Release
15. Orpheus
16. Players
17. Inside Out
18. Shiny Happy People
19. The Magic Bullet
20. Sacrifice
21. Peace Out
22. Home

Season 5 Episode List - (22 Episodes):
1. Conviction
2. Just Rewards
3. Unleashed
4. Hell Bound
5. Life of the Party
6. The Cautionary Tale of Numero Cinco
7. Lineage
8. Destiny
9. Harm's Way
10. Soul Purpose
11. Damage
12. You're Welcome
13. Why We Fight
14. Smile Time
15. A Hole in the World
16. Shells
17. Underneath
18. Origin
19. Time Bomb
20. The Girl In Question
21. Power Play
22. Not Fade Away (Series Finale)

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