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Past Issue:

FreewareWeb Online!
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FreewareWeb Online! Newsletter
(c) 2001, FreewareWeb. All rights reserved.

Welcome to this issue of 'FreewareWeb Online!'. This update only
contains some of the great stuff that has been added over the
past weeks. You can check out *all* the new additions at:


Please tell your friends, colleagues about us :) We always
appreciate that! Or forward this issue to a friend!

An HTML version of this issue is available at:


____ In This Issue __________________________

-> ZoneAlarm v2.6
-> Active Ports v1.0
-> Winpulse v0.1.0 (build 314)
-> Image Browser v3.64
-> WallMaster v2.4c
-> ToolsPackage v5.1
-> FlashGet v0.96 Beta 1
-> Easy FTP v1.34
-> Winamp v2.75
-> UltimateZip v2.0.1
-> Calendar 2000 v2.6
-> Tomb Raider Movie
-> Shania Twain

Freeware Folder

-> ZoneAlarm v2.6 - (2.8Mb) - New ~

ZoneAlarm can automatically block known and unknown threats,
barricading your computer against outside intrusions and attacks. It
is a security tool that will provide you with a firewall, control over
which applications can access the internet, an internet lock, various
security levels, and more.

-> Active Ports v1.0 - (458kb) - New ~

Active Ports is an easy to use tool that enables you to monitor all
open TCP/IP and UDP ports. Active Ports maps ports to the owning
application so you can watch which process has opened which port. It
also displays a local and remote IP address for each connection and
allows you to close any port. It can also help you to detect trojans
and other malicious programs.

-> Winpulse v0.1.0 (build 314) - (514Kb) - New ~

Winpulse shows Win32 resources along with indicators for drive space
consumption, RAM, swap, cpu load, and GDI/USER resources. It is
customizable and different indicators can be hidden/shown/changed,
with options for update interval and autostart with win.

-> Image Browser v3.64 - (4.3Mb) - Update ~

Image Browser is a 32 bit application which allows you to open and
view images on your PC. Different viewing modes are supported, such
as: Full screen, Stretch window, Slide show. Major file types are
supported: BMP GIF JPG RLE EMF and more. You can now choose the
quality of the JPG image you want to save or convert. Some major
changes include the added feature to convert to ICO (icon) files and
added wallpaper support and numerous bug fixes.

-> WallMaster v2.4c - (1.2Mb) - Update ~

WallMaster is a superb wallpaper changer utility to ease you
configuring your desktop wallpaper. You can program the desktop
wallpaper to change at a specified time interval, (e.g. every 30
minutes) and customize the wallpaper position, tile, center, fit to
screen, auto fit, custom. Moreover, it lets you use BMP, JPG, GIF,
PNG, PCX, TGA, PCD and ICO images as desktop wallpaper. It supports
Active Desktop from Internet Explorer 4 and even lets you preview the
image. This surely is one of the best wallpaper utilities out there.

-> ToolsPackage v5.1 - (300kb) - New ~

The ToolsPackage includes 25 small tools which can be started without
installation. There is a quick-start tool, currency calculator,
calendar-week, bookmark-checker, website-backgroundchecker, copy
paths, clipboard organizer, desktop-to-front, ASCII-Extractor,
alternate screen saver, cliptext-to-html converter, char counter,
entity converter (html), PathCopy for OpenExpert, ClipSort, text trim,
exe browser, Val2Words, tray manager, time calculator, WinOnTop,
AutoCopy, MultiReplacer, a drive tool and a small game.

The Freeware Folder is continued AFTER the Quick Link. Please
take a moment to visit our recommended Quick Links, handy
services that work and help SUPPORT FreewareWeb!
Quick Links

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-> CreditCommander ~

Integrate credit bureau reporting and decisioning into your existing
system, web site or utilize the Internet for one single gateway to all
the credit bureaus. Click here for a demonstration.

Freeware Folder (Continued)

-> Winamp v2.75 - (930kb) - Update ~

Winamp is a fast, flexible, high-fidelity music player for Windows
95/98/NT. This excellent player supports MP3, CD, Audiosoft, Audio
Explosion, MOD, WAV and other audio formats. Also includes a spectrum
analyzer, playlist support, a CD audio decoder, an MPEG decoder, and a
digital equalizer. It also supports custom appearances called skins,
audio visualization and audio effect plug-ins. This link is to the
"Standard Version" of Winamp. The latest version has additional
features including free-form skins, new decoder, built-in cross fade,
and more.

-> UltimateZip v2.0.1 - (2.0Mb) - Update ~

UltimateZip supports 16 Archivetypes, like Ace, Arj, Cab, Lha,Rar,
Tar, GZip, Zip and so on. It has many features like Zip and Mail,
shell integration, full drag and drop support, self-extracting Zip
archives, multi-disk spanning, strong encryption, CheckOut, Install,
Ziprepair, Favorites, and more. This update includes wizard interface
for simple compressing, updating, decoding, and extracting, a text
viewer added, improved Output and Comment windows, improved Self-
extractor, shell extensions and bug fixes.

-> Calendar 2000 v2.6 - (95kb) - Update ~

Calendar 2000 is a small utility that will display a monthly calendar
on the Windows desktop. The calendar is similar to the one found in
most checkbooks. You can also define your own holidays and important
dates, but Calendar 2000 is not a full-blown time scheduler. Instead
use Calendar 2000 to quickly check the date or calculate the day on
which a certain date occurs. Monthly calendars from January 1583 to
December 3000 can be displayed. Calendar 2000 is a very small program
and can easily be configured to be run directly from the tray.

-> Tomb Raider Movie - New ~

Wallpaper featuring Angelina Jolie, who is playing the role of Lara
Croft, in the Tomb Raider movie.

-> Shania Twain - New ~

Great wallpapers and themes featuring the always popular Shania Twain.

That's it for this issue. We hope you enjoyed it, please pass this
issue on to a friend and spread the word! All the best from your
friends at FreewareWeb.

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