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Past Issue:

FreewareWeb Online!
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FreewareWeb Online! Newsletter
(c) 2001, FreewareWeb. All rights reserved.

Welcome to this issue of 'FreewareWeb Online!'. This update only
contains some of the great stuff that has been added over the
past weeks. You can check out *all* the new additions at:


Please tell your friends, colleagues about us :) We always
appreciate that! Or forward this issue to a friend!

An HTML version of this issue is available at:


____ In This Issue __________________________

-> Snapstream Personal Video Station v1.1a
-> Download Accelerator Plus v4.3
-> Napigator v2.00
-> XnView v1.19
-> 2xExplorer vR7
-> Babylon Translator & Converter v3.1b Build 35
-> VBS Stopper v0.01
-> Savant v3.0
-> ArjFolder v3.65
-> Clipboard Express v2.3
-> 123 Free Solitaire v5.0
-> Whisset v1.0
-> FlashGet v0.95 (previously JetCar)
-> Recommended Quick Links

Freeware Folder

-> Download Accelerator Plus v4.3 - (1.2Mb) - Update ~

Download Accelerator Plus is an FTP/HTTP accelerator that can
accelerate your downloads. This new release supports resume (for
broken downloads), proxy, mirror search, multi server connections and
more! It fully integrates with the browser, the program automatically
runs upon trying to download files from the internet. This new version
includes mirror servers search, integration with Netscape 6 and Opera,
Windows ME support, multilingual interface and more. Ad-supported.

-> XnView v1.19 - (1.0Mb) - Update ~

XNview is a program for viewing and converting your graphics files. It
supports 110 file formats, including BMP, GIF, IFF, JPG, PNG, RGB,
TDI, and TGA, and enables you to apply various filters (blur, average,
emboss, and so on) and multiple effects (lens, waves, and more). Also
includes a picture browser, slide show RAW/YUV import, and screen

-> 2xExplorer vR7 - (328kb) - Update ~

2xExplorer is a dual-pane (NC-style) file manager for Win9x/NT/2k. It
performs what the standard Explorer does, yet goes much further. It
offers efficient navigation and missing features as file filters,
folder synchronization, editor and more. Power users will appreciate
the intuitive operation and unique tools as folder subtree statistics
and mirror browsing. The similarity with Explorer on the other hand
will make any newcomer an instant power user, too. Features full shell
integration, including, drag-drop and file operations in virtual
folders (including shortcuts creation and handling), advanced folder
synchronisation options. This version includes a lot of changes
including thumbnails for previewing images, HTML and MS Office
documents, run commands (even DOS) from the address bar, and more.

-> Babylon Translator & Converter v3.1b Build 35 - (1.5Mb) - Update ~

Babylon Lite is a single-click translator, dictionary and converter
tool that lives on your desktop and enables you to translate any on-
screen words and expressions from English into your chosen language
(English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, German, Dutch, Swedish,
Italian, Hebrew, Chinese (traditional and simplified dialects) and
Japanese). The program resides in your system tray, and by clicking
any word, you can get an instant and accurate translated definition.
After translating a word, the program also allows you to search for
that term on one of several online search engines or online
encyclopedias. Ad-supported.

The Freeware Folder is continued AFTER the Quick Link. Please
take a moment to visit our recommended Quick Links, handy
services that work!
Quick Link

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-> Eight FREE TV Guide Issues ~

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Freeware Folder (Continued)

-> Savant v3.0 - (2.1Mb) - New ~

Savant is a full-featured freeware web server for computers running
any version of Windows 95/NT or greater. It's fast, secure, and easy-
to-use. Supports CGI (comes with Perl 5), HTTP/1.1, WinCGI, ISAPI
applications, password protection, access restriction, hundreds of
simultaneous users, over 40 file types including MP3, RealVideo, and
Microsoft Office, and more, plus it's open source.

-> Clipboard Express v2.3 - (100kb) - Update ~

Clipboard Express Standard is a program that lets you store multiple
clipboard items. Features includes 100 storage locations, allows you
to enter text by clicking a paste button, copy the contents by
clicking a copy button, drag the data to other applications and forms,
drag and drop data to on-line forms. Shows what is in the clipboard
the whole time for easy reference and allows you to use it as
temporary storage or save the contents for later.

-> 123 Free Solitaire v5.0 - (1.5Mb) - Update ~

123 Free Solitaire is a collection of solitaire card games that
features good layout, fast game play, rich sounds, extensive options,
and good help. It includes ten great solitaire games: Diplomat,
Easthaven, Four Seasons, Fourteen Out, FreeCell, Golf, Klondike, Monte
Carlo, Precedence and Pyramid. Each solitaire has more than nine
trillions of possible games to play, so the game remains fresh no
matter how many times you play. Now with new features such as:
animation cards, autoplay option, sounds and more.

That's it for this issue. We hope you enjoyed it, please pass this
issue on to a friend and spread the word! All the best from your
friends at FreewareWeb.

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