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Past Issue:

FreewareWeb Online!
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FreewareWeb Online! Newsletter
(c) 2000, FreewareWeb. All rights reserved.

Welcome to this issue of 'FreewareWeb Online!'. This update only
contains some of the software that has been added over the past
weeks. You can check out *all* the new additions at:


Please tell your friends, colleagues about us :)

If you would prefer to read this issue using your browser, there
is an HTML version of this issue at:


____ In This Issue __________________________

-> Winamp v2.61
-> Myrtle Beach Tour
-> Pegasus Mail v3.12b
-> EyeDropper v3.0
-> Explorer Menu Extension v3.19
-> FastOpen v2.1.0.1
-> We-Blocker v1.5
-> Magic 8-Ball
-> AOL Instant Messenger v3.5 Build 1856
-> PowerArchiver 2000 v5.1 (formerly EasyZip)
-> RC Calculators v1.0
-> Quick Links
-> Articles & News

Freeware Folder

-> Winamp v2.61 - (600kb) - Update ~

Winamp is a fast, flexible, high-fidelity music player for Windows
95/98/NT. This excellent player supports MP3, CD, Audiosoft, Audio
Explosion, MOD, WAV and other audio formats. Also includes a spectrum
analyzer, playlist support, a CD audio decoder, an MPEG decoder, and a
digital equalizer. It also supports custom appearances called skins,
audio visualization and audio effect plug-ins. This link is to the
"Basic Version" of Winamp. Changes: Massively improved CD Audio
support, many bug fixes and cosmetic improvements.

-> Myrtle Beach Tour - (38.9Mb) - New ~

Myrtle Beach Tour is an excellent game that lets you play 18 of the
most beautiful and challenging holes in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.
You get a golf simulation that beats what you can buy in stores and
it's free. Yu can play a real round of golf, participate in online
tournaments and skill contests or play with friends on or off the
Internet. The game features beautifully rendered 3D courses. Take a
quick shot at Long Drive and Hole in One, or dig in for Multi-Round
Tournaments. There are four swing modes, 4 Swing Modes, combined with
unique player shot characteristics, make for a golf simulation so
realistic you can learn to improve your real course management skills.
Overall, one of the top golf games out there, and the fact that it is
totally free doesn't hurt either!

-> Pegasus Mail v3.12b - (3.3Mb) - Update ~

Pegasus Mail is an great e-mail package that includes many useful
features like message encryption, the ability to have up to 64
attachments per message, a comprehensive editor with a 60,000 word
spell checker, a glossary feature for speeding up the entry of common
text and phrases, mail filtering rules to automate your mail
processing, address book features with aliasing, distribution lists
for mailing to hundreds or thousands of users, the ability to save
messages in progress for later retrieval, support for the Internet
MIME multimedia messaging standard, HTML and RTF support, a good range
of sorting and searching options for your mail, the ability to access
an unlimited number of POP3 mailboxes at an unlimited number of sites,
and lots more. It is also easy to use and well documented.

-> EyeDropper v3.0 - (27kb) - Update ~

Eyedropper has become even better. It EyeDropper excels at its primary
task: picking the colour value from any pixel of the screen but has
continually improved with many other small, but useful features. These
features include: Measuring the distance between chosen pixels, zoom
setting for improved precision, displaying values in most common
formats (HEX, RGB, CMYK), displaying pixel coordinates and clipboard
support. This third release of EyeDropper includes a component that
can help you capture any area of the screen, display color values as
normal, grayscale or even a Web safe setting and the whole program is
more compact than ever.

-> Explorer Menu Extension v3.19 - (722kb) - New ~

Explorer Menu Extension adding several useful functions to the windows
shell. These extensions allow you rename and change the date of
multiple files at once. You can select files by wildcards, create
subdirectories with only one mouse click, open a DOS window in the
current directory. It also expands partial tree branches, and opens
multiple Windows Explorers side by side.

-> We-Blocker v1.5 - (2.4Mb) - Update ~

We-Blocker gives parents the opportunity to monitor their children's
Internet access and provide them with age-appropriate content, while
filtering out sites that contain objectional material. In addition,
We-Blocker lets parents help other parents by sharing their requests
for websites that they want to see filtered. It is fully customizable,
parents can block sites, monitor activity and assign user accounts for
each family member. Note: The Internet Explorer 5.0 bug has been

-> Magic 8-Ball - (332kb) - New ~

Magic 8-Ball works just like the fun, old party favourite. Ask a
question, give the 8 Ball a shake and find out the answer to your

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already reaping the benefits... But those of you that
haven't are really missing out on a FANTASTIC opportunity:
to get paid for something you do anyway - SURF the web.
Yes, it IS that simple. Infact, we are so pleased with
this program that we give it our personal thumbs up! So if
you haven't joined it already, give it a shot - take it
>from us, you'll be glad you did since you'll also get paid
when your friends surf! More info is available on the site.

+++----------------- a n n o u n c e m e n t -------------------+++

-> AOL Instant Messenger v3.5 Build 1856 - (1.9Mb) - Update ~

AOL Instant Messenger allows you to communicate with anyone on the
Internet or anyone on America Online. It is identical to the Buddy
List and Instant Message features of AOL but you can use this even if
you are not on AOL. Users are able to send and receive messages to
anyone else who has the software, and they are notified when users
that they have put on their "Buddy List" are online. The latest
version includes an enhanced stock ticker and a new feature called AIM
Talk that lets you talk directly using a microphone.

-> PowerArchiver 2000 v5.1 (formerly EasyZip) - (1.6Mb) - Update ~

PowerArchiver is a powerful and easy-to-use archiving Utility. Some of
the features include: full built-in support for ZIP, CAB, LHA (LZH),
TAR (TAR.GZ) and BH (BlakHole) archives, XXE and UUE Internet encoded
files, built-in support for reading and extracting: RAR, ARJ, ARC,
ACE, ZOO and GZip archives, multiple disk spanning, powerful SFX
archives, passwords, comments, renaming files within archive,
installing archive, checking archive for viruses, integrated viewer
with support for TXT, RTF, BMP, JPG (JPEG), ICO, WMF and EMF files,
complete integration with Windows Explorer, tool for converting
between archive formats (CAB -> LHA etc.), tool for splitting single
ZIP archive, integrated file browser, detailed help with a tutorial
for beginners, a great interface and lots of other features. This
version features many bug fixes, support for extracting several
archives with only one click in Windows Explorer, "Mail Archive" &
"Email-It" features, internal viewer support viewing multiple files.

Quick Links

-> Free Stuff Listings ~

Why waste time searching for freebies? This site lists
most of the best freebies available on the 'net. It does
not only list free stuff but some of the best deals you
can get as well.

-> IWin.com - Want to win? ~

Play games and win prizes! These folks have already given
away over $1.2 million in cash and prizes and also give out
$20,000 in cash every month. Make sure to check this out!

-> Totally FREE Address Labels ~

Get Your Free Address Labels at iPrint.com!
iPrint.com is giving away FREE address labels to
new customers, valid for a limited time only.

Articles & News

-> ReplayTV Update: TV of Tomorrow? ~

"Replay TV wants to change modern viewing habits--but first it has to
attract some customers. In an effort to convince you that you need
another peripheral, the service has lowered its price and enhanced its
features. The set-top unit's list price is now down to $599, and it
could sell for up to $100 less in some places. Many companies make
similar "change-the-world," hyperbolic claims, but ReplayTV stands a
chance with its original approach. It combines and enhances a familiar
process, essentially digitizing the recording capabilities of a VCR.
With the unit's 20 hours of digital storage, you can record and
manipulate TV in a number of ways. Not only is the recording mechanism
more flexible than that of the average VCR, you can stop, pause, or
search the data at will."

-> VeriSign to Buy Network Solutionsd ~

"Web security firm VeriSign on Tuesday said it would buy leading
Internet domain name registrar Network Solutions for stock in a deal
VeriSign valued at $21 billion. The surprise deal combines one of the
leading names in security services for Internet commerce with the
company that until recently held a monopoly on assigning and recording
names for the millions of dot-coms, dot-orgs and dot-nets that
populate the Internet."

-> NOAA: U.S. Records Warmest Winter on Record ~

"The winter of 1999-2000 was the warmest winter in the United States
since the government began keeping records 105 years ago, the National
Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration said Friday. This marked the
third year in a row that record warmth was recorded in the United
States during the winter months. Since 1980 more than two-thirds of
U.S. winters have been warmer than average, NOAA said. The average
U.S. temperature from December to February was 38.4 degrees
Fahrenheit, six-tenths of a degree warmer than the previous record set
last year."

Want more news / tidbits? Just pick your interest:

-> World News: what's happening out there ~

-> Business News: know what do with your money ~

-> Technology News: keep up with the latest trends ~

-> Health: health tips, articles, latest findings ~

-> Entertainment: latest entertainment news & gossip ~

-> Sports: the latest news, articles and previews ~

-> Daily Horoscope: see what's in store for today ~

That's it for this issue. We hope you enjoyed it, and will pass it
along to a friend. Have a great week, all the best from your friends
at FreewareWeb!

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