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Past Issue:

FreewareWeb Online!
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FreewareWeb Online! Newsletter
(c) 2003, FreewareWeb. All rights reserved.

Thanks for being a subscriber and welcome to this issue of
FreewareWeb Online!. Remember, this update only contains some
of the great stuff that has been added over the past few weeks.
You can check out *all* the additions and updates at:


Feel free to forward this issue on to a friend. An HTML version
of this issue is also available at:


____ In This Issue __________________________

-> HDClone Free Edition v1.0
-> Restoration v2.5.14
-> Microsoft .NET Framework v1.1
-> Magic Mail Monitor v2.94 Beta 7
-> ScrubXP v1.01
-> PCISniffer v1.0
-> AVG Anti-Virus Free Edition v6.0.487
-> Disk Investigator v1.31
-> ProxyPal v1.1
-> Messenger Plus! v2.10.36
-> Oubliette v1.9.2
-> FontPage v2.0.67
-> ZMatrix - Matrix Screensaver / Wallpaper
-> The Lizzie McGuire Movie Wallpaper
-> Bruce Almighty Wallpaper
-> Other Notable Updates

From The FreewareWeb Desk

Welcome to another issue of FreewareWeb Online! It was a busy
month and we couldn't get an issue out for May so this issue
is packed with the greatest stuff from last month.

People loved the ZMatrix wallpaper / screensaver we added a
couple of weeks back so were featuring it again for those of
you that haven't downloaded it yet. It's a screensaver which
features the Matrix, but with a new twist, you can have it
running / scrolling as your wallpaper while you work. Speaking
of the Matrix, I was frankly a little disappointed in the
way the Matrix Reloaded ended. If you haven't seen it, I won't
spoil it but let's just say it isn't in an hurry to wrap up
the drama. The effects were what you would expect but it seemed
like Neo was *too* powerful, the battles were hardly a match.
And... flying? I thought I was watching Superman for a second. :)

Anyway, until next time,

The FreewareWeb Team

Freeware Folder

-> HDClone Free Edition v1.0 - (326kb) - New ~

HDClone Free Edition copies the content of hard disks on a physical level
from one disk to another hard disk. It is able to copy hard disks of
different sizes, which allows you to "move" data from an old hard disk
onto a new one quickly and easily.

-> Restoration v2.5.14 - (193kb) - New ~

Restoration can help you restore files that are deleted accidentally,
even if they are no longer in the recycle bin or were deleted while
holding down the Shift key. The program also has a function so you can
make it almost impossible to restore deleted files, which you can use for
deletion of confidential documents, for example.

-> Microsoft .NET Framework v1.1 - (19.7Mb) - New ~

The .NET Framework is a component of the Microsoft Windows operating
system used to build and run Windows-based applications. Some of the
newer programs are based on this and you will need the .NET Framework to
run them. In most cases, the author of an application will alert you if
you need to install the .NET Framework. However, with the number of such
applications growing, it's best to have it installed. If you are not sure
whether you already have it, click the link in the description.

-> Magic Mail Monitor v2.94 Beta 7 - (115kb) - New ~

Magic Mail Monitor sits in your tray and checks for mail at the interval
you set or whenever you click it. It can check an unlimited number of
accounts/hosts, and has a message header preview. It also allows you to
perform "quick" replies, sends, deletes, and views. and can notify you by
playing wav, avi or midi file.

-> ScrubXP v1.01 - (352kb) - New ~

ScrubXP cleans temporary files and registry keys resulting from opening
files and or using the Internet. It removes IE History, IE Temporary
Files, IE Cookies, Documents List from Start Menu, Empties Recycle Bin,
Clears Autocomplete Entries, Clears Recent File Lists for Run, Common
Dialogs, Recent Documents, Search Assistant, Typed URLs, Paint, Find
Computer, Printer Ports, Find Files, Media Player, Previous Tasks, and
Real Player. It can automatically run when your computer starts and a
panic mode can be invoked by double-clicking the icon in your task tray.
Panic mode will do all of the above and will also restart Windows
Explorer for the ultimate in cleanliness. Requires Windows 2000 or XP.

-> PCISniffer v1.0 - (700kb) - New ~

PCISniffer scans all PCI busses on your system and detects automatically
which busses and devices are present. It reports device and vendor names
as well as other PCI device information in plain text. This information
can also be transmitted over a serial port. Being operating system
independent, it displays the PCI header data of all PCI devices on the
BUS unaltered.

-> AVG Anti-Virus Free Edition v6.0.487 - (5.8Mb) - Update ~

With this free version of the popular AVG Anti-Virus software, you get a
reliable tool for protection against viruses. Scanners, Resident Shield,
and Email Scanner in one. Every month you can also download the latest
update file for your AVG installation free.

-> Disk Investigator v1.31 - (550kb) - New ~

Disk Investigator helps you discover all that is hidden on your computer
hard disk. It can also help you to recover lost data. Display the true
drive contents by bypassing the operating system and directly reading the
raw drive sectors. View and search raw directories, files, clusters, and
system sectors. Undelete previously deleted files, and verify the
effectiveness of file and disk wiping programs.

The Freeware Folder is continued after the Quick Links. Please
take a moment to visit our recommended Quick Links, handy
services that work and help support FreewareWeb.
Quick Links

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Freeware Folder (Continued)

-> ProxyPal v1.1 - (273kb) - New ~

Ever think that it takes way too many clicks to turn your Internet
Explorer proxy on and off? Use ProxyPal. After installing ProxyPal, just
add it to your IE toolbar and you have one click access to toggle your
proxy. Install ProxyPal today to put an end to seven-clicking your proxy
on and off! Requires IE 5 or higher.

-> Messenger Plus! v2.10.36 - (1.9Mb) - Update ~

Messenger Plus! Extension adds extra functionalities to MSN Messenger.
Some of the popular features include a logging feature that automatically
keeps a text file of your chats; a personalized away option if you want
anyone that contacts you to receive a specific message; an option that
with a simple shortcut can minimize all your Messenger windows, then set
your status to Busy and more.

-> Oubliette v1.9.2 - (1.1Mb) - Update ~

Oubliette is a full-featured password manager with strong encryption and
full source code. Store and manage passwords for your internet accounts,
PIN numbers, credit cards, etc. Securely encrypts data with Blowfish or
IDEA ciphers. Flexible and configurable, with easy navigation, and
powerful search. Accounts can be grouped by customizeable categories.
Includes a system tray icon and activation hotkey. You can also exports
to plain text, HTML, CSV, and INI. This version updates the interface,
provides enhanced clipboard protection, and more configuration settings.

-> FontPage v2.0.67 - (1.4Mb) - Update ~

FontPage lets you examine and compare all of the fonts on your system.
You can view any typeface in bold, italic, underline and 3-D. You can
also print out a specimen page for any font, or print a list of them.
FontPage has its own character table with copy and print options, a
window with two displays to compare fonts and it has an extra window to
preview uninstalled fonts. Lots of features, slick interface, and more.
This version includes a "Fonts at large" window (to show fonts in a large
window), Slide Show function (to show fonts automatically with a user-
defined interval), new slider in the Compare window, option to remove the
font name from the compare strings, support for Visual Styles (for
Windows XP), a brand new FontPage Help File (documentation, tips and
troubleshooting) and a lot of smaller improvements.

-> ZMatrix - Matrix Screensaver / Wallpaper - (1.5Mb) - New ~

ZMatrix is an animated desktop background which displays scrolling
characters in a style similar to that used in the movie 'The Matrix'.
You can have it on your background, moving around while you work, as
a screensaver or both! This download is to the Win 98/ME version, you
can download the Win XP/2000/NT version by clicking the alternate link
in the description.

-> The Lizzie McGuire Movie Wallpaper - (62kb) - New ~

A wallpaper featuring 'The Lizzie McGuire Movie', starring
Lizzie McGuire.

-> Bruce Almighty Wallpaper - (155kb) - New ~

A wallpaper featuring the movie Bruce Almighty, starring Jim Carrey.

Other Notable Updates

-> AVG Anti-Virus Free Edition v6.0.474 - Antivirus

-> IncrediMail v2002 Build 1134 - E-mail Clients & Tools

-> Pegasus Mail v4.11 - E-mail Clients & Tools

-> VB Doodle v4.00 - Games & Education: Other

-> VAMP Media Center v3.50 - Multimedia Tools: Players

-> LimeWire v2.9.11 - File Sharing

-> XnView v1.60 - Graphics Tools: Viewers

-> VirtualDub v1.5.3 - Multimedia Tools: Editors & Joiners

-> SlimBrowser v3.54b - Web Browsers

-> PrcView v3.7.3.1 - System Utilities & Addons

-> Poppy for Windows v4.2.0 - E-mail Clients & Tools

-> SmartFTP v1.0.975 - Ftp Clients & Tools

Technology News & Features

-> FreewareWeb Top Downloads List - Updated Daily ~

-> All the Latest Technology News - Updated Daily ~

Well, we've come to the end of yet another issue. Hope you
enjoyed it, and feel free to pass it on to a friend. Until
next time, all the best from your friends at FreewareWeb!
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