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Past Issue:

FreewareWeb Online!
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FreewareWeb Online! Newsletter
(c) 2000, FreewareWeb. All rights reserved.

Welcome to this issue of 'FreewareWeb Online!'. This update only
contains some of the software that has been added over the past
weeks. You can check out *all* the new additions at:


Please tell your friends, colleagues about us :)

If you would prefer to read this issue using your browser, there
is an HTML version of this issue at:


____ In This Issue __________________________

-> PowWow v4.0 beta 1
-> Random PC Magic v2.21
-> FileInfo v1.0.13
-> Smart Mute
-> AnalogX SimpleServer:Shout
-> MatchFolders
-> Breakthrough
-> South Park Solitaire
-> South Park Super Mario Brothers v1.2
-> Teach Me HTML
-> Quick Links
-> Articles & News

Freeware Folder

-> Random PC Magic v2.21 - (2.0Mb) - Update ~

Random PC Magic is a program which enhances your desktop with non-
repeating random sound events, backdrops, startup and shutdown
screens. It allows you to use .jpg, .dib, .gif .bmp files instead of
JUST BMP as your wallpaper. Even has MPEG playback for Windows
Startup/Reboot and Shutdown.

-> Smart Mute - (360kb) - New ~

The author says "Smart Mute is a tray application that has several
functions aimed at a person who sits in front of his computer all day
like I do. Every time I personally need a hard to find function on my
computer I will add it to this program... I don't want 50 tray icons
so I like to consolidate many functions in one, right now there are
three major functions". The three being Muting sound after idle
inactivity, timed sound playing (can play a wave sound in specified
timed intervals) and keystroke logging.

-> AnalogX SimpleServer:Shout - (239kb) - New ~

Have you ever wanted to run your own radio station? If so, use the
Internet along with AnalogX SimpleServer:Shout to make your wish come
true. It is a simple, easy to use streaming MP3 server. Just set up
any streaming MP3 source, point it at SimpleServer, click "Start" and
you're on the air. It is multi-threaded, fully compatible with
Shoutcast, supports static reflecting and repeating, and more.

-> MatchFolders - (1.74Mb) - New ~

MatchFolders is a program that allows you to match, compare two
folders and their content. With it you can also easily compare files.

-> South Park Solitaire - (522kb) - New ~

South Park Solitaire is a solitaire game with the entire cast from
South Park. It has 12 unique decks to choose from and allows you to
play the game in Standard mode or Enhanced Vegas mode.

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+++----------------- a n n o u n c e m e n t -------------------+++

-> South Park Super Mario Brothers v1.2 - (1.2Mb) - New ~

Super Mario Brothers is a conversion of the original Super Mario,
featuring Kenny and other pals from South Park, you have a mission to
save the Princess while kicking a lot of butt! Think this game is a
piece of cake? Think again, download now to see if you have what it
takes to save the princess.

-> Teach Me HTML - (1.4Mb) - New ~

Teach Me HTML is a way to learn the basics of HTML coding. Simple,
user friendly interface and clear, step by step instructions make
learning HTML simple. There are 14 lessons to help develop your HTML
coding skills.

Quick Links

-> Setup your online planner ~

Folks, don't miss out on this great free service.
We tried it out ourselves and it worked great. You
can virtually setup anything that's in your plans with
point and click ease - schedule meetings, manage your
contacts, find out about your favorite TV shows and more.
But what we liked best was the reminders feature - it
automatically mails you the reminder for when you set it!
Now, there's something you can count on. You can also
set the interval at which the reminder should be repeated,
and all with a few clicks. (weekly, monthly etc.)

-> 911VirusAlert.com - Virus Hoaxes ~

Next time someone tries to scare you with a virus hoax,
here's the resource you should check out first. The folks
at 911VirusAlert.com keep you updated on which viruses are
real and which are just plain hoaxes. Plus, they also have
quick glossary on most of the viruses.

-> Free Stuff Listings ~

Why waste time searching for freebies? This site lists most
of the best freebies available on the 'net. It does not only
list free stuff but great deals as well.

-> FREE Address Labels ~

Get Your Free Address Labels at iPrint.com!
iPrint.com is giving away FREE address labels to
new customers, valid for a limited time only.

Articles & News

-> World News: what's happening out there ~

Top News from sources like Time, FoxNews, Environmental News
Network and more. Just like all our sections, all on one page!

-> Business News: know what do with your money ~

All the latest business buzz, latest developments, and
other interesting business related stories.

-> Technology News: keep up with the latest trends ~

Keep up with the hottest technology news from reliable sources
like PC World, The Industry Standard and others.

-> Health: health tips, articles, latest findings ~

What affects your health? How can you improve it? Find out
all this and more from some of the top health-related sources
on the web.

-> Entertainment: latest entertainment news & gossip ~

Read up on the newest developments in the entertainment
industry and the latest buzz. Featuring sources like
Entertainment Weekly Online.

-> Sports: the latest news, articles and previews ~

Includes the latest rumours, breaking sports stories, and an
overview of what is to come and yesterday's action. Sources
include The Sporting News, CBS Sportsline and E-Sports.

-> Daily Horoscope: see what's in store for today ~

That's it for this issue. We hope you enjoyed it, and will pass it
along to a friend. Have a great week, all the best from your friends
at FreewareWeb!

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been provided for them via this newsletter (links and files).
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