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Past Issue:

FreewareWeb Online!
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FreewareWeb Online! Newsletter
(c) 2002, FreewareWeb. All rights reserved.

Welcome to this issue of 'FreewareWeb Online!'. This update only
contains some of the great stuff that has been added over the
past weeks. You can check out *all* the new additions at:


Please tell your friends, colleagues about us :) We always
appreciate that! or even forward this issue to a friend!

An HTML version of this issue is available at:


____ In This Issue __________________________

-> Pawclock v2.94
-> GO to DOS prompt! (GoDos) v1.0
-> VCW VicMan's Photo Editor v7.0
-> FastFolder by BB v2.2
-> Win Ghost v2.00
-> MSN Messenger v5.0.0543
-> AOL Instant Messenger v5.1.3036 Beta
-> ZoneAlarm Free v3.1.395
-> MiniMail v2.0
-> XnView v1.5
-> ICQ Plus v3.5
-> PhoneDeck v1.3
-> Christmas Wallpaper
-> Santa Wallpaper
-> Catch Me If You Can Wallpaper
-> Jessica Alba Wallpaper
-> Sabrina - The Teenage Witch Wallpaper

Freeware Folder

-> Pawclock v2.94 - (424kb) - New ~

Pawclock is an advanced digital clock with atomic syncronization,
fullscreen mode, alarm, themes support, many customization options
and much more. Clock background changes to reflect the current time
of day. Additional theme packs can be downloaded from the Pawsoft
website. Includes comprehensive help detailing all aspects of the

-> GO to DOS prompt! (GoDos) v1.0 - (136kb) - New ~

You can use this software to open a DOS prompt window with the path
that you specify using any of the many ways. You can either drag any
file or folder from and drop it on it's window, click the open-button
and change to the folder you want, or enter a full path name in the
box followed by enter. The program can run in either a English or
Chinese versions. Just click any blank area of the window, then click
the language you want.

-> VCW VicMan's Photo Editor v7.0 - (4.6Mb) - Update ~

Powerful graphics editor, which has features selection by colour and
selecting of arbitrary regions, replacement of colour, deleting of
objects, unique mechanism of primitivization (visual tolerance),
considerably accelerating operations with the images with the large
size of the graphic palette, various paintbrushes and pencils, text,
gradient etc. Editing in any scale with simultaneous review of all
pictures. The distortion tools offers more than a dozen variations of
twirls, waves etc. Use the filters to blur your image, create 3D
extensions or sharpen the image. Supports more than 20 image formats.
This version includes a new interface, bug fixes, support of
photoshop compatible plug-ins, new effects, tutorials and more.

-> FastFolder by BB v2.2 - (1.4Mb) - New ~

FastFolder by BB is a program which allows you to quickly access any
of eight pre-selected folders from the system tray. It provides an
easy way to navigate directories without requiring My Computer. The
program is designed to use minimum system resources. The program only
uses 151kb of your hard disk space, but the download is larger
because of the inclusion of Visual Basic 6 runtimes.

-> Win Ghost v2.00 - (159kb) - New ~

Win Ghost can help you when it comes to waiting for time consuming
tasks. By setting triggers, actions and options you can make Win
Ghost watch a time consuming task and alert you when it is finished
or a problem occurs. Start an operation before you leave your
computer and let Win Ghost spare your computer by shutting down the
computer when the operation is finished. Example of a use is, when
you downloading a large file, running scandisk, rendering a image or
any other operation that takes a while to sit and wait for. Let Win
Ghost be your eyes and ears. This new version can handle all Windows
machines, includes an updated help-file and new quick-lists for
appearing/disappearing Windows. Editor's Pick!

-> MSN Messenger v5.0.0543 - (3.9Mb) - Update ~

MSN Messenger is a program you can use to stay in contact with
friends, family, and co-workers. With it, you can view online status,
and exchange instant messages. Also includes a typing indicator that
lets you know when someone is in the process of typing a response,
you also have control over your online status (eg. away, busy).

The Freeware Folder is continued after the Quick Links. Please
take a moment to visit our recommended Quick Links, handy
services that work and help support FreewareWeb.
Quick Links

-> Special Offer from McAfee! - (1.4Mb) - New ~

McAfee has a special offer for FreewareWeb users. Simply
click the above link for a direct download of SecurityCenter
and get free 30-day trial versions of their great security
services such as Personal Firewall, Privacy Service&SpamKiller.

-> Join FreewareWeb Plus ~

Now you can support FreewareWeb by joining FreewareWeb Plus.
Sign up now, get the free benefits and enjoy FreewareWeb
totally ad-free along with great deals and specials
throughout the year!

Freeware Folder (Continued)

-> AOL Instant Messenger v5.1.3036 Beta - (2.6Mb) - Update ~

AOL Instant Messenger allows you to communicate with anyone on the
Internet or anyone on America Online. It is identical to the Buddy
List and Instant Message features of AOL but you can use this even if
you are not on AOL. Users are able to send and receive messages to
anyone else who has the software, and they are notified when users
that they have put on their "Buddy List" are online. The latest
version includes AIM Phone. It lets you to make PC-to-telephone
connections with friends and family over the Internet.

-> ZoneAlarm Free v3.1.395 - (3.5Mb) - Update ~

ZoneAlarm can automatically block known and unknown threats,
barricading your computer against outside intrusions and attacks. It
is a security tool that will provide you with a firewall, control
over which applications can access the internet, an internet lock,
various security levels, and more.

-> MiniMail v2.0 - (145kb) - New ~

MiniMail is a small, convenient and easy to use utility for the
creation and sending of emails. It's purpose it to provide a quick
way to send emails at times when opening a full-featured mail client
such as Microsoft Outlook is inconvenient or even impossible.
Features file attachments, multiple accounts, signatures, multiple
recipients, logging, SMTP authentication, undo and redo, view
settings and more. Minimail is fully resizable and can be minimized
to the task bar or the system tray. It can also be set to the default
mail client to load automatically when a "mailto:" link is clicked.

-> XnView v1.5 - (4.3Mb) - Update ~

XNview is a multi-format graphics browser, viewer, and converter. It
can read more than 400 file formats, e.g. gif, bmp, jpeg, png, targa,
multipage tiff, mpeg, avi, quicktime, and many more. It has an
Explorer-like viewer that allows quick browsing of directory contents
in both thumbnail and preview views. Its features include HTML page
generation, contact sheets, twain support (scanner & digital
cameras), batch conversion and image processing, full screen slide
shows, image manipulation with effects like 'Tile' or 'Glass', screen
capture and file operations. This download is the full version,
which includes all languages and plugins. If you don't need these
extras, you can find a smaller download on the developer's homepage.

-> ICQ Plus v3.5 - (1.8Mb) - Update ~

ICQ Plus is a utility that lets you change the appearance of ICQ.
Have a look at the Screen Shot for an example of what you might be
able to do. You can can create your own skins, sound events, or if
you prefer you can download and install them into ICQ plus.

-> PhoneDeck v1.3 - (1.5Mb) - Update ~

Flexible, lightweight phone and addressbook with a phone dialer. The
author says that PhoneDeck is meant to be different from the many
address books available. It offers a unique set of features and might
be the best-looking freeware addressbook for Windows. Extremely
configurable interface and behavior; many unique features.
Multilingual address-description interface. System tray icon with an
activation hotkey. Includes phone dialer and a powerful import/export
utility. Full help and automatic install/uninstall process. This
update features plenty of improvements and fixes and more address

-> Christmas Wallpaper - (95kb) - New ~

A nice wallpaper featuring a winter scene.

-> Santa Wallpaper - (140kb) - New ~

A beautiful wallpaper showing Santa riding his sleigh over a cottage.

-> Catch Me If You Can Wallpaper - (35kb) - New ~

A wallpaper based on the movie poster of the movie, starring
Leonardo Di Caprio and Tom Hanks.

-> Jessica Alba Wallpaper - (30kb) - New ~

A nice wallpaper featuring Jessica Alba, star of the hit show Dark

-> Sabrina - The Teenage Witch Wallpaper - (50kb) - New ~

A desktop wallpaper featuring Sabrina and Salem from 'Sabrina - The
Teenage Witch', starring Melissa Joan Hart.

Technology News & Features

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-> Read all the Latest Technology News - Updated Daily ~

If you'd like to send in your thoughts on any of these
technology news items such as your opinions, or additions
to the story, please send them through our feedback link.
You can expect to see the best emails on upcoming issues.

Well, we've come to the end of yet another issue. Hope you
enjoyed it, and feel free to pass it on to a friend. Until
next time, all the best from your friends at FreewareWeb!

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This newsletter is strictly opt-in and is never sent unsolicited,
you are receiving it because you subscribed. If you wish to
unsubscribe, please visit the URL below:

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