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Zune Frozen: Stuck On Loading Screen - Reset Help

If you find your Microsoft Zune frozen, i.e. stuck on loading screen, what are you to do?

The problem is affecting thousands of Zune users around the country. The problem began about midnight last night, and the problem has been dubbed by as 'Y2K9'.

So what do you do if your Zune turns into a brick, we've got the reset help right here.

If your Microsoft Zune is frozen, press and hold the Back button and the up on the pad for a few seconds and the Zune unit will reset. There are also some other key combinations that you can use on your Zune (from Microsoft), if you would simply like to delete everything and start over:

Erase - press and hold the Back button plus up on the pad then press then hold Back button plus right on the pad plus Play.

Format - press and hold the Back button plus up on the pad then press then hold Back button plus left on the pad plus Play.

Microsoft has confirmed that a leap year issue caused problems with the 30-gigabyte version of its music player, pinpointing "a bug in the internal clock driver related to the way the device handles a leap year."

Microsoft also said that "the issue should be resolved automatically over the next 24 hours as the time change moves to Jan. 1, 2009" but they are working on a more permanent Zune fix.

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