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Trace Cell Phone Number: Is It Possible, And If So How?

I want to trace a cell phone number. Is it possible to run a trace or track a number?

Yes, because of the way a cell phone works, it is technically possible to track and trace a cell phone number.

The infrastructure of a cell phone works by tracking users as they move through a network and the call is passed from one tower to another. When you are making a call, you are using a particular cell phone tower and once that is known, your physical location is within a particular radius of the tower itself.

Whether an individual can trace a cell phone is another question altogether. Unless you are in law enforcement, due to privacy concerns, service providers are not willing to give this information even to other members on a family plan. Basically, you have no legal grounds to this information other than if there are very serious circumstances.

And even if your service provider gives you this information -- if for example, you lose your cell phone -- it will only narrow your search to roughly a 30 mile radius so unless you have a general idea of where the cell phone may be connecting from, it may not be very useful.

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