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FreewareWeb Articles: Login: Is It Really Secure? is an online dating website based out of Needham, Massachusetts in the United States.

Recently we've heard from many of our users complaining that their login information has been stolen and whether the login found on the website is really secure.

We did some digging and here's what we found:

1. Avoid phishing scams: If you don't know what this is see our what is a phishing scams post.

But in short, avoid logging into the site from emails you have received notifying you of new messages, matches or any such details. Why? This is now a common tactic among fraudsters to gather your personal details and then use this to their advantage.

It could be as simple as using your account, saving your personal details and selling them, or contacting your friends pretending to be you. This is the most important tip you can get not only about your login, but any login.

2. Avoid logging in over shared connections: Generally websites offer standard and SSL logins. So if you are on a shared connection such as in a web cafe, you can choose SSL encrypted and be sure your data is safe but with the login, this is not an option.

Since all your sent data, such as login and password, can be intercepted and looked at by a third party, avoid using the site in spaces where the internet connection is shared or easily accessible.

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