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Recover Stored Opera Wand Passwords

Opera is great but one feature that is desperately missing from the browser is the ability to recover stored Opera wand passwords.

For example, once you have stored a password, other browsers may give you the ability to view and even edit that particular password but Opera doesn't.

So what if you save a password but can no longer seem to remember what it is. How do you recover it?

The key thing to know first is that Opera stores all its passwords in a file named wand.dat.

Depending on your version and your installation, this can either be located in the profile directory under the Opera installation location, or somwhere in the local C:\Documents and Settings\user\Application Data\Opera.

If you're not sure, simply run a search for wand.dat on all your local drives.

Once you find the location of this file, all you need to do to recover the lost password is open up wand.dat in OperaPassView and viola!

All your stored Opera wand passwords will be displayed in a neat list on the screen for you to see.

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