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PayPal Escrow Service Scam

Those of you have have had emails from buyers asking to use PayPal's escrow service to complete the sale, know this: it is a scam.

Here's how the scam works:

1. Buyers tell you they want to use the PayPal escrow service. They will inform you that they have sent the funds to PayPal's escrow.

2. You get a legit looking email from PayPal tells you that the funds have been received and will be released to your account after you provide confirmation of shipping, tracking and customs slip once you ship the product.

3. Once you ship, you send over the relevant documents hoping to get the funds released.

4. Buyer gets the product and you get nothing.

Why? Because PayPal does NOT do escrow and the email you have received communicating about the funds is fradulent. You will not have any money to show for it because there was NEVER any money sent to anyone.

Such scams have been growing in frequency over the last few months so beware!

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