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Opera 10 Upgrade: Move Settings, Bookmarks & Wand Passwords

If you are doing an Opera 10 upgrade and keep losing your settings, it is likely because your Opera locate your existing profile to move over.

The profile is usually stored in the Documents and Settings path since Windows profiles are used to store individual user settings.

However, it is possible that you have multiple users disabled, in which case all data is stored directly in your Program Files \ Opera directory.

But your Opera 10 upgrade installation doesn't know this automatically. So after installing the new version, exit Opera. Go to the directory of installation, edit operaprefs_default.ini and change multi user=1 to multi user=0.

This will let your installation know that there is only a single user on this computer, and it is not required to store profiles in separate folders.

Now, go to the directory of your old Opera and copy the entire profile directory and its contents to the new Opera directory.

Now your profile settings, bookmarks and wand passwords have all been moved in one go.

Simply load up the new Opera and you should be good to go!  

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