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Low Carb Diet Negatively Affects Your Memory

According to Margaret Furtado (MS , RD) says that a low carb diet can negatively affect your memory.

"Researchers at Tufts University have found that dieters who strive to eliminate most carbohydrates from their diets scored significantly lower on memory-based tasks than did subjects who simply reduced the amount of calories they ate," says Furtado.

The study included women from the ages of 22 to 55. All subjects attended 5 memory-testing sessions to test their attention, cognitive skills, spatial, and short and long-term memory.

What doctors found was that after 1 week of carbohydrate restriction, memory performance among the low carb group, decreased compared with the low calorie group -- especially in intensive tasks.

Further, they found that the low carb group had slower response times and did badly in the visual-spatial memory tests.

Researchers think this may be because the brain was lacking in glucose, which can be obtained from carbs, and thus wasn't able to operate at peak capacity.

So think carefully and take special notice if you see any of these symptoms coming from your low carb diet.

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