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Lost Tapes: Animal Planet - Monster of Monterey

Thousands of new species are discovered and classified every year, including creatures that science refuses to recognize citing insufficient evidence. This forms 'Lost Tapes: Animal Planet'.

In the new 'Animal Planet: Lost Tapes' series, human encounters with mysterious creatures and monsters will be shown from a first person perspective.

The Animal Planet series will cover the creatures in water, land, forest and even the skies.

The Monster of Monterey / Chupacabra will be covered on the very first December 19, 2008 episode of the series.

The Monster of Monterey, also known as Monterey monster, is a mysterious and monstrous creature that American swimmer Sharon Novak encountered in the waters of Monterey Bay.

And the Chupacabra, from the Spanish word meaning "goat sucker", is a legendary monster rumored to inhabit parts of the Americas -- especially Mexico -- that eats other animals.

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