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Jaycee Dugard Daughters Photos

Below are the first Jaycee Dugard daughters photos.

The two daughters, 11-year-old Angel and 15-year-old Starlet, have been blurred out because they are still considered minors.

According to Cheyvonne Molino, who runs an auto wrecking yard with her husband, who knew them: "The media made it seem like these little girls were living like wolves or jungle kids in the backyard dungeon."

"Perhaps that’s it, but they didn’t give that visual to me. They were polite. They were well-mannered."

Two weeks ago, the girls attended a birthday party for Molino’s daughter, who turned 16.

She also adds that Jaycee Dugard and her daughters watched 'Hannah Montana' together regularly.

Jaycee Dugard Daughters Photo

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