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Missing Link Found: Fossil Links Humans and Lemurs

Ida is being hailed as the crucial missing link found in Germany that may explain human origins.

Jorn Hurum, who analyzed the 47-million-year-old fossil, says that the Ida species is a missing link found in primate evolution that bridges the split between higher primates such as monkeys, humans and their distant relatives -- lemurs.

"This is the first link to all humans," he said in a statement. "This find represents the closest thing we can get to a direct ancestor."

The skeleton features characteristics previously not seen such as grasping hands, opposable thumbs, and clawless fingers with nails.

It's being called "one of the important branching points on the evolutionary tree."

Scientists are also surprised how well the fossil suvived after millions of years -- something unheard of specimens from the Eocene era.

Usually finds from this era only include a tooth or tailbone, not a complete skeleton. In fact, it was so well preserved that they were even able to deduce the remains of its last meal -- which was fruits, seeds, and leaves.

See a photo of the important missing link found below:

Ida Fossil: Missing Link Found

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