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How To Fix Instead Of Apostrophe or Instead Of Question Mark

Have you ever encountered a keyboard issue in Windows where all of a sudden you can no longer type the apostrophe, question mark or comma?

Rather than the usual characters, it types instead of apostrophe or instead of question mark.

This can happen if you happen to change the default language settings for your keyboard by accident. Many experts will suggest that you go into the Control Panel, Keyboard Settings and change your keyboard back to US type.

But the fact of the matter is, this is not always the cause. Often, you have the right keyboard already selected but Windows has enabled these alternate characters unbeknownst to you.

So how do you fix these weird, strange characters and instead of apostrophe.

Fortunately our fix is extremely simple. To switch back to using regular characters, simply hold own CTRL on the left side of the keyboard and SHIFT on the right side of the keyboard at the same time.

When you release, this will automatically tell Windows to switch back to the traditional characters. Welcome back, apostrophe!

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