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Ghajini Actress Asin Thinks Aamir Is The Hottest

Ghajini actress Asin believes Aamir Khan is the hottest.

"I think it's Aamir." Asin laughs and answers the question of who is the hottest actor in Bollywood. "I think he is cool, he is genuine and he is simple. This is what I admire a lot about him."

"Since childhood I have been a great fan of Aamir Khan and I have watched a lot of his films. Like many other Aamir fans, I too had heard and read a lot about him before I got an opportunity to work with him in Ghajini. I found him just the opposite of his public image. He is not so tough as he is made out to be."

"Despite the fact that he is such a big star, he is not harsh at all towards anyone, whether a new one or anyone established in the industry."

The Ghajini actress is getting a lot of praise and has broken out in Bollywood after the movie.

"It feels nice when I get compliments like this but at the moment I want to concentrate on my forthcoming films."

Asin says she has not yet seen Momento, the movie on which the concept of Ghajini's short term memory loss is based but she hopes to watch it soon.

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