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Find & Download Other DLL Files

Sometimes you end up deleting an important system file or DLL. The next time you startup Windows, you will receive an error informing you that a file cannot be found.

So what do you do? Not to fear, all you need to do is simply download an alternate copy of the file and place it in your system directory.

- First, head on over to our FTP Search tool, enter the name of the missing file (eg. vb40032.dll) or DLL and click Search.

- You will receive a number of results, click on a location that has your version of Windows mentioned and download the file.

- Once downloaded, all you need to do is place it in the correct system directory location. This is usually C:\Windows\System, or C:\WinNT\System32\ depending on your version of Windows.

- Now restart, and you should be fine if the downloaded file is placed correctly. Remember to not delete any other files, and backup first as the system directory is a sensitive folder if you are a novice user.

- You can also alternately, check our Required Files & DirectX category to see if a pre-made zip file is available for download with the missing file.

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