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Download Torrent Files and Software

Torrent files are files designed to be opened using a BitTorrent client.

They carry the .torrent extension and make use of BitTorrent's unique peer-to-peer file sharing protocol for distributing large amounts of data.

The torrent protocol works by allowing users to connect and download the file they need using a combination of from a seed, which is the root source, and each other.

This distributed method of download for the file allows for a viral spreading of a file throughout peers, without a large amount of load on any one source.

It not only helps reduce the original distributor's costs dramatically but reduces dependence on one source after a torrent has spread. However, the torrent tracker is an extremely important part of a download torrent as it coordinates the file distribution.

Download torrent files and software using creator Bram Cohen's very own BitTorrent client, which is completely free of any spyware or nuisances.

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