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What Is the Difference Between Brand Name Gas and Generic Gas?

As the average price of regular gas continues to go up, one wonders Is there a difference between brand name gas and generic gas?

ABC's 'Good Morning America' recently investigated whether generic gas is just as good as the big guys for your car.

You may be surprised at what they found.

"By and large, it's one and the same," Bob Crawford, who works at the Maryland Fuel Testing Laboratory told the program.

"You will find results will almost mirror each other. There are going to be slight variations -- but gasoline is gasoline. The generic, no, will not do harm at all." Crawford said.

In fact, compiling this article we ourselves found that the only difference in brand name gas is usually the additives.

Why? Because, in most cases, the gas comes from exactly the same refinery. The only difference comes when a particular brand adds its own proprietary mix to the gas.

On to our next topic on what's turning out to be car week: what is the difference between regular and premium gas?

Or skip straight ahead to the common question is premium gas really better than regular?

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