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Which Files Are Safe To Delete?

As you use Windows, over time you can fill up your hard drive with many useless and temporary files.

In this article we'll tell you which files are safe to delete, and how to find them. This can help you clear you the clutter as well increase your free disk space.

Temporary Files:
The contents of the Windows Temp folder (usually C:\Windows\Temp) can be deleted. This is where Windows stores temporary files and folders, but doesn't always delete them once it is done using them.

Temporary Internet Files:
The contents of the Temporary Internet Files folder can be deleted (usually C:\Windows\Temporary Internet Files). You can also do this from within Internet Explorer using the 'Delete Files' in the General tab from the Internet Options dialog box.

Other Files:
Files with extensions such as .001, .002, .CHK, .LOG, .OLD, .BAK, .TMP, .GID can also be deleted. These are temporary files, logs or backups created as certain applications are used. The best way to find all files with these extensions is using the 'Find Files' dialog from the start menu and searching all "Local Hard Drives'. Enter the file into the "Named:" box such as *.log to find all .log files.

Once you delete any files, they will be sent to your Recycle bin. It is a good idea to restart your computer to make sure everything is working fine, before emptying the Recycle bin to delete the files permanently.

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