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Chandra Levy, Ingmar Guandique Link Leads To Arrest

CNN is reporting that after pursuing a Chandra Levy, Ingmar Guandique link police have made an arrest in the infamous murder case.

Police have contacted Chandra Levy's parents Friday night to tell them that the arrest would be made on Saturday.

The station also reports that the arrest is for a man named Ingmar Guandique, who is currently an inmate in DC prison.

Susan Levy, Chandra's mother, says that when she was thankful when told about the Ingmar Guandique arrest: "We appreciate all the hard work they did. You want justice. You want the person incarcerated. It is still painful no matter what. Your child is dead and gone. But we are glad the police are doing something and making a difference."

Chandra Levy, who was a Capitol Hill intern, went missing on April 30, 2001. Her remains were found on May 22, 2002, in a remote area of a park.

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