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User Forum:

How To Look Like A Pornstar

So you're wondering how to look like a pornstar?  

The first thing all pornstar's need is big breasts but if you're not naturally gifted you don't necessarily need to resort to risky surgery. You can achive the big-boobed look simply by using the right accessories. Invest in the right push-up bra. They lift your breasts so it genuinely looks like you're sporting bigger boobs. Some actresses even wear two bras instead of one to make it look like they have bigger breasts on-screen.

Next, get frosty makeup. You'll never see a pornstar under dressed in makeup, the frosty makeup is a signature porn star look. Make sure to line your eyes with black eyeliner, cover your eyelids with a darker blue shade. Make sure to outline your lips a little more than normal, with a darker shade so they give the impression of plump lips.

Don't tie up that hair. Let your locks flow naturally. If you have curly hair you may need to straighten it out but let your hair flow smoothly.

Finally, if you're pale, get a tan! Pornstars are tanned bronze, no one wants to see a pale actress! If you don't get much sun-time, invest in a spray-on tan. They're available as foam, towelettes, sprays or even cream.

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