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FreewareWeb Reviews:

Samsung MCD-MP67 MP3/CD Player

Courtesy: Andre Malesh. Posted: Monday Jan 07, 2002

When we first received the Samsung MCD-MP67 I was not sure of what to expect. I had tried the Yepp MP3 player with built-in memory and was quite impressed with it. But as for users that wanted more than just a few MP3s at their disposal, the memory seemed like quite a limiting factor. The MCD-MP67, instead of having built-in memory, works by reading MP3 CDs. These are simply CDs you can burn with the MP3s of your choice. Unlike standard CDRs that hold only 75 minutes, MP3 compression allows you to store up to 11 hours of music on one CDR. So already you see that units like these can give you increased capacity by just about a factor of 10. Here is what was included in the package along with some other specifications:

Unit Reads CD-R / CD-RW / MP3
Headphones Stereo Earbuds
Remote Control Included
Battery Type 2 x AAA, 2 x AA
Battery Recharger Built-in
Jacks Includes Phone jack and Line-Out
Weight 280 g (without Battery)
Dimensions (WxHxD) 130 x 24.80 x 143 mm


The first thing you notice when you see the MCD-MP67 is that it simply looks great. The sliver solid build gives it a nice shine and makes it really stand out. Unlike some of the other MP3 CD players that may retail for a lot less, the MCD-MP67 has a solid casing - not cheap plastic. Another great thing I noticed was the 'extended battery pack'. It is a small battery pack you can attach to the back of the MCD-MP67. This neat accessory containing two AA batteries gave the MCD-MP67 a much longer life of 16 hours compared to the 5-6 hours with only the self-contained AAA batteries. This can be very useful for those long flights or waits at the airport. :)

When you first insert a CD the unit begins with detecting if it is simply a CD or an MP3 CD. If it is the latter, it takes about 15-30 seconds (depending on the number of MP3s you have on the CD) to quickly scan through and develop it's list. Once I started listening I have to say the sound quality was just excellent. One of the best I've heard for a unit of this kind. The SBS feature (which enhances bass) also added to it. Overall this has got to be one of the biggest selling points, without great sound a player isn't very much.

Navigation is also fairy easy, there are two modes you can select - Album On and Album Off. The Album On feature organizes your MP3s by folder, so when your burn your CD you can organize it by putting songs from one album in one folder, the other in another folder etc. What this does is when you have the Album on, you can quickly jump through the different folders without having to go through all the songs. Now let's say you have the Album Off, while you can't use the Album button to quickly navigate through, you can use the "+10" button to quickly jump through 10 tracks at a time. A nice feature for those CDs where you were in a hurry and simply dumped MP3s on to a CD-RW.

The player also features 100-second antiskip protection and a pleasing LCD display unit which displays the standard details on the number of the track you are on, time remaining and which selected features are on. Then there is also the Repeat / Random buttons so you can select how you want the player to go through your MP3s. You can playback the current MP3, playback all the MP3s or play tracks in a random order.

Another nice addition in the package is the remote. I found it extremely useful for when you wanted to place the player in your backpack and simply hold on to the small remote or place it in your pocket. The remote includes play/pause back, forward, stop along with a mode button: that lets you select the playback mode (eg. repeat 1, repeat all).

I think the MCD-MP67 is a quality product and possess excellent sound quality. However, a few features that I didn't see and would like to see in future versions are ID3 tag support and Upgradeable firmware. I did not miss any of these features myself but it would have rounded out the package quite nicely. All in all, I think the MCD-MP67 is a great product at a reasonable price. It can be purchased at all major retailers for around $115 US or less, at the time of writing. We give this product a solid 8.7/10.

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