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KODAK DC3200 Digital Camera

Courtesy: Andre Malesh. Posted:

The Kodak DC3200 Digital Camera prints up to 5" x 7" with its 1.0MP resolution and 2X digital zoom.

  • CCD Resolution: 1.2 megapixel
  • Image Resolution: 1.0 megapixel, 1152x864 (high), 576x432 (standard)
  • Image Storage: 2MB internal memory, Compact Flash Compatible
  • Lens: 5.4 mm f/3.6
  • Digital Zoom: 2X
  • White Balance: Auto, daylight, fluorescent, tungsten
  • LCD: 40.64 mm (1.6 inches) color review/preview display
  • Interface: Serial
  • Dimensions: WxDxH (mm) 113x81x53.4
  • Weight: Without batteries (grams): 215
  • Warranty: One year

Package Contents
  • KODAK DC3200 Digital Camera
  • Wrist strap
  • KODAK Software CD
  • Serial cable
  • 4 AA alkaline batteries
  • Documentation kit

Well, lets see - the primary reasons you would consider this camera are the price and the brand.

The price - 150 is pretty low compared to the costs of digital cameras nowadays. This makes you think that a camera that costs this low must have some severe drawbacks. Is this the case? In our opinion this wasn't the case at all.

- Equipped with an LCD viewing screen. Essential for deciding whether to keep a picture in memory, and telling you whether you need to take the picture again because you've cut everybody's heads off!

- There's a choice of 3 picture quality settings, depending on whether you're planning to web-publish them or print them off and send them to unsuspecting (but very grateful) relatives. In other words it does the job in terms of picture quality.

- Storage. One essential is really an extra flash memory card. The 2Mb of internal memory is not going to last you more than a 5 or 6 photos in best quality. We bought a 16Mb card (about 20) and this was perfectly ample for anything other than long holidays.

- Other accessories. We think Kodak could have included several things with their camera (but obviously this would have affected the price). Lens cap - stops any scratches and smudgy fingerprints. Case - lets face it you're not going to want to carry it around with the wrist strap for the rest of your life. Power - this is quite a big issue. Unless you're willing to spend 4 or 5 each time you need a battery top up you're going to start thinking about either buying rechargable batteries or an ac adapter. The choices of these on the Kodak site are at extortionate prices, whereas buying a charger and 4 NiMH batteries from Argos will cost you no more than 15. The power adapter is equally expensive and I'm not sure whether there is a cheaper alternative - anyone any ideas?

The Good: LCD screen, Good value for money, Good enough picture quality
The Bad: Expensive power accessories, No case supplied

However, overall this a bargain at the price! It can be purchased at all major retailers or directly from Kodak. We give this product a solid 8.5/10.

Sample Pictures with this Camera
DC3200 Sample Image DC3200 Sample Image DC3200 Sample Image DC3200 Sample Image

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