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FreewareWeb Reviews:


Courtesy: Andre Malesh. Posted: Wednesday, Aug 25, 1999

Anything that helps me get started in the morning is good. When this applies to firing up my computer and Internet connection it is very good. My first priority is to get on the outside of my first cup of Earl Grey. That's tea to you coffee beans.

This program is a life saver. What does it do? just follow me through how I use it.

OK. Windows has started and there in the tray beside the clock is the Netlaunch icon. Click on this and on my connection label. Back to my slurping whilst the dial up networking window opens and the connect button is pressed for me. I am not bothered if Win. remembers my log in name and password, Netlaunch never forgets them. If the line is busy re-try kicks in until the connection is made. If I happen to lose the connectionů it gets restored automatically. Three seconds after I am connected my E-mail checker is launched. I could have my browser loading now but I choose not to. That can wait until the other side of my second cup.

There are other programs I also want to have running whilst I am on line. Again these are loaded for me and shut down when I close the connection. This is all achieved by using another impressive feature of this program, Launchlist. Here I can put shortcuts to any program I choose. Better still I can then configure each program to open & close automatically, or just be available to me.

Two useful purposes are served here. I do not like my tray to be too cluttered. More important, a popular tip is to have as few programs as possible loading from your Start Up Folder. Windows can have a problem with this mad rush. In Netlaunch it is possible to set a time delay between programs launching. Nice touches are all over the place.

Everything is set up and controlled from the Options window and the three tabs it contains. Launch : Connections : Program. There is context sensitive help for every item via the ? The comprehensive Help section is excellent.

I like this program a lot. I use most of its features to save me time and effort. Best of all my system likes it as well. For what it does, it is an amazingly small program, everyone can find room for this one.

See it in our Freeware Archive here.

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