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Freeware Archive: Freeware Downloads List:
Organized Alphabetically, each link will take you directly to that item.

--- M ---

Microsoft Security Essentials
Microsoft Windows Power Toys
Microviet IKids v3.0
Mihov ASCII Master
Mihov Background Tester v0.5
Mihov CodeView v1.10
Mihov DiskFree v2.4
Mihov Gallery Creator v0.9.2
Mihov Image Resizer v1.1
Mihov Index Maker v1.50
Mihov Mail Sender v0.7
Mihov Picture Downloader v1.5
Mihov Program No 14 v0.6
Mini-Avalanche v1.1
MiniApps v4.46
MiniMail v2.1.1
Miraplacid Carrier v1.02
Mirror v1.04
Mixed-Up Math v1.0
MoNooN Grapher 3DR
MoNooN2DR Grapher
Modem Monitor Graph v3.5
Monidir 2000
Monsieur Boom
Monster Pile 3 v1.00
Monster Pile v3.0
More Space v4.1
Mouse Move v1.01
Movie Organizer v2.7.7
Movie Watchlist v1.01
Moyea FLV Editor Lite
Moyea FLV Player v2.0
Mozaix Internet Icons 4.0
Mozilla Firefox v42.0
Mp3-Nator v3.0
Mr Mirror
Mr.Boom v3.0
Multi ICQ Maker v9.0
MultiRen v1.0
My PingPong 98
My Secret Bookmarks v2.0
MyIM (plugin for AOL IM) v2.1.0
MyMouse v4.3
MyReminders v1.0
MyWebServer v1.0.3
MyWxThing LT v1.21
Myrtle Beach Tour
metapad v3.51
mosascii m2 v2.0.111
mpTrim v2.13 (previously mp3Trim)

--- Page 16 ---

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