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Advertising: Flat-Rate Banner Ads

Standard Banner ads (468 x 60) are shown near the top of every page to ensure that every visitor sees them. Your banner will be a constant on the page for the period you choose and you can ask us to set multiple banners on a random rotation or change them periodically to ensure they remain fresh.

Page Cost Per Month
FreewareWeb Entry / Home Page + ALL Freeware Download Pages (over 1,150,000 impressions) $2950.00
Freeware Archive: Detailed Index (over 100,000 impressions) $315.00
FTP Search and Results Pages (over 125,000 impressions) $350.00
Newsletter Popup Page (over 110,000 impressions) - very small, limited ads accepted for this position $320.00
Newsletter Subscription and Confirmation Pages $250.00
Submit / Update Freeware $175.00

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